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You can play a couple of select tracks from "Journeys & Travails" for your listening pleasure.  Then, click the links above to purchase CD's or download from CDBaby, or to download from iTunes.  Enjoy!
"Three Finger Phyllis"
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"Journeys & Travails"  Solo acoustic album from Greg Podoliak is available at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and many  more!

“Journeys & Travails” is a solo guitar instrumental album. One man …one guitar … no overdubs.  Writing instrumental music with IMAGES and SCENES is what I ALWAYS have in mind when it comes to composition.  The music pulls you toward a journey … and the journey that is conjured, pulls you toward the music.  Stories and imagery are BUILT-IN to the music.


Composer first, guitar player second.  I just happen to LOVE playing the instrument, but I’m not IN love with it.  I fight with it more and more, everyday, especially the older I get.  Not an easy instrument to play to begin with, let alone play WELL. (What is?) As they say... anything worth having needs to be worked for.


This album can be summed up as a form of “acoustic-cruise” music.  Put it in the player, or load it on your iPod, and head out in your vehicle on a trek somewhere.  Listen to it with friends during a laid-back social gathering.  Or, take some time, shutdown your pace of living, and put on the headphones or earbuds.  Allow someone else to guide the controls for a bit.  “Journeys & Travails” is worth the ticket for the ride.

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